08/03   Funny Tee Shirt Night    Jeff Palmer and Milo Ferry

08/17    Shenanigan's                  Jeff Palmer and Justin Judd

08/31    Funny Hat Night            Jeff Palmer and Milo Ferry

09/7      Super Special Guest       Gary Shoemake and Milo Ferry

09/21    Everybody's Birthday     Jeff Palmer and Justin Judd

10/05    The Fall Ball                   Debbie Steinkirchner and Milo Ferry

10/16    Test Your Costume         Jeff Palmer and Justin Judd

11/02     Anything Goes!              Jeff Palmer No Rounds

11/16     Thanksgiving                  Jeff Palmer and Justin Judd

11/30     Special Guest                  Hal Barnes and Milo Ferry

12/07     Pearl Harbor                    Jeff Palmer and Milo Ferry

12/21     Christmas Pot Luck         Jeff and Debbie and Justin Judd



When: 1st - 3rd - and 5th Fridays
Time: 7:00 PM - Pre Rounds - 7:30 - 8:00 PM - Plus Dancing - 8:00 PM Mainstream Dancing
Where: The International Dance Club 2422 Busch Ave.  , Colorado Springs, CO 80904 
Club Caller - Jeff Palmer
Club Cuer - Justin Judd Del Sol or Milo Ferry Jr.