In Totten England Calling for the Testvale Squares with the Gerrey's

Calling Stuff About Jeff

More Calling Stuff About Jeff

Jeff is an accredited CALLERLA member and serves as the Mainstream Committee Co-Chairman. Jeff calls Mainstream through A2 and is very thrilled to be a member of the Mountain Magic calling group. He has had the pleasure of escorting eight square dance cruises and has had the pleasure of calling for the "Dancing Hearts" in Brussels Belgium and the Testvale Squares in the UK.

Jeff began calling in 1980 and is a third generation caller following in the footsteps of his father Harold Palmer who retired from calling in 2004. Jeff currently calls for the Waggin' Wheeler's, Plus with Attitude, and the Swing "A" Ways. Jeff guest calls most weekends up and down the front range and on occasion out of state.

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In Brussels Belgium Calling for The Dancing Hearts with their caller Phillippe.